Art Studio "Nataly" is a family of artists: Natalia Virina and Leonid Vengerovsky

We work together, paint pictures in various genres and techniques.

Our paintings are in private collections in Estonia, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Sweden and other countries.

We paint pictures on different topics, and the most important thing for us is the mood. The mood that we convey through the paintings, and the mood that arises in our viewers.

Bright colors and readable stories are our main principles of work.

We love painting very much and invite adult and children to our master classes.

The biggest reward for us is to see our work in the interiors of our clients - in houses, apartments and offices.

We have our own workshop in Pärnu. The office of our studio OÜ Nataly Design is also located here.

You can buy our paintings on the website Artnataly e-pood |

We will be glad to meet you!

Best wishes, Natalia Virina and Leonid Vengerovsky

Natalia Virina

Natalia Virina

Interior designer, decorator. Board member

Evgeny Vengerovskiy

Evgeny Vengerovskiy

Commercial director, board member

Leonid Vengerovskiy

Leonid Vengerovskiy

Studio manager, 3D designer, artist, photograph